Learn to fight FOR your sons instead of AGAINST them and change the entire tone of your parenting.



"My boys are stubborn, and most of the time, have to learn things the hard way.  I love that about them because it reminds me of me."   

- Brooke McGlothlin,
Author of Praying For Boys and
Creator of Fight Like A BoyMom
Don't make fighting for your sons something you hope to do one day.  Make it what you do every day.
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The Fight Like A BoyMom Program includes:
4 teaching videos + bonus interviews

What Did I Do to Deserve Hard-To-Handle Boys?

In this module we'll gain a clear, correct biblical understanding of why God gave us the boys we have, answering serious questions like: 

  • Is their behavior all my fault? 
  • Did I do something wrong to deserve challenging children? 
  • Is God punishing me? 
  • Or does He have a much bigger purpose for this season of my life.
Understanding Your Hard-to-Handle Boy

In this module, we'll get inside the heart and mind of our hard-to-handle boys. Taking the time to comprehend how he thinks, why he makes the choices he does, and what makes him tick allows mom to parent from a place of compassion instead of anger, and this can make all the difference. We'll address things like:

  • What are general characteristics that make boys hard-to-handle, and do they have purpose beyond just annoying mom?
  • How do our God-given personalities affect our hard-to-handle boys?
  • Is it possible to channel the characteristics that make them hard-to-handle into something productive? Maybe even valuable to the Kingdom of God?
  • How being a student of our sons can impact them for a lifetime.
How to Show Actionable, Tangible Love to Your Hard-to-Handle Boy

Let's be honest. When a child is pushing every button you have, exhausting you daily, and generally requiring everything you have (and more) to keep up it can be hard to feel loving toward him (unless he's sleeping. Am I right?)...especially when he most needs our love. In this module, we'll talk about:

  • How to pursue our boys' hearts when we would rather run away.
  • The importance of being more mature than our boys.
  • Practical ways to reach for your hard-to-handle boy's heart you can put into practice right away.
  • How to love your boy even if you don't like him.
  • The one thing you can look for at the end of the day to know you're doing a good job.
Teaching Your Boys to Fight For Themselves Using the Word of God as Their Weapon

Perhaps the most serious of the modules, this teaching focuses on understanding that the fight goes beyond mom and dad. Our sons will encounter their own fight as they grow and mature because there is a very real enemy who would like to destroy them. Instead of praying for God to keep them from trouble, we can learn to prepare them to stand when the day of trouble comes. In this module, learn:

  • How Satan's mission affects you and your family and what to do about it.
  • How to recognize temptation and fight against it.
  • How to create a biblical battle plan for overcoming the attacks of the enemy.
A Grace-Filled Approach to Parenting Hard-To-Handle Boys

Jeannie Cunnion is a Jesus lover and a grace clinger. She is the author of Parenting the Wholehearted Child, and forthcoming, Mom Set Free. Her passion is encouraging women to live - and parent - from the freedom found in God’s grace (a message her own heart needs to hear daily).

Jeannie has a Master’s degree in Social Work, she serves on the board of Raising Boys Ministries, and she is a contributor at The Better Mom and Fox News. Prior to writing her book – which has been featured on outlets such as The Today Show, Fox and Friends, and The 700 Club, and Focus on the Family –  Jeannie traveled the country (48 states to be exact) speaking about adoption and parenting. These days, however, you’re most likely to find Jeannie alongside her husband, Mike, with baby Finn in her arms while cheering on their three older boys at any one of their sporting events.

When You Feel Abused By Your Boys
Whether on the stage or on the page, Wendy ministers to women's hearts through purposeful storytelling that leads them to Jesus.

With a background in Hollywood as a trained actress, she applies the power of drama, poetry, comedy, and spoken word to the study of Scripture and real-life application of biblical truths. She's the co-author of Triggers and Parenting Scripts.
Safeguarding Your Marriage in a Hard-To-Handle Home

Dave and Ashley reach millions around the world through their books, blogs, and videos on issues related to marriage, faith, and family. They have four young sons and live near Augusta, GA where Dave serves as a pastor. You can read their blogs and watch their videos at StrongerMarriages.com and 7DayMarriageChallenge.com. 

What To Do When Your Teen Boy is Still Hard-to-Handle
Monica Swanson is the author of Boy Mom, and host of the Boy Mom Podcast.  Monica has had many viral blog posts and her post “what a Teenage Boy Needs Most from His Mom” reached nearly two million readers in just over a week.  She has contributed to the Today Show website, the Huffington Post, and was featured on the Family Life Radio Show and podcast.  Monica and her husband, Dave, a hospital physician, have one son in college and three more boys, who divide their time between homeschooling and surfing.  The Swansons enjoy growing tropical fruit at their home in the country on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii.  Find Monica’s website at:  www.monicaswanson.com
What To Do When Things Go Wrong

DAVID THOMAS, L.M.S.W., is the Director of Family Counseling at Daystar Counseling (daystarcounseling.com) in Nashville, TN, the co-author of six books, including the best-selling Wild Things: The Art of Nurturing Boys (Tyndale House Publishers), a frequent guest on national television and radio, has been featured in publications like USA Today, and speaks across the country.  He recently completed Are My Kids on Track? The 12 Emotional, Social & Spiritual Milestones Your Child Needs to Reach, releasing in Spring 2017.

He and his wife, Connie, have a daughter, twin sons and a feisty yellow lab named Owen. You can find David giving parenting tips on the blog at www.raisingboysandgirls.com.  

Surviving H2H Sibling Relationships
Hal & Melanie Young are the award-winning authors of Raising Real Men and My Beloved and My Friend: How to Be Married to Your Best Friend Without Changing Spouses. They are publishers, writers, bloggers, and popular conference speakers internationally, known for their Christ-centered focus and practical, real-life stories. They are the parents of six real boys (four grown!) and two real girls and live in noisy, messy happiness in North Carolina.
How to Pray When You Don't Know What to Say,
The Importance of Praying for Boys
and How to Control Your Emotions So They Don't Control You
Brooke McGlothlin is co-founder and President of The MOB Society, author of Praying for Boys: Asking God for the Things They Need Most, co-author of Hope for the Weary Mom: Let God Meet You in the Mess, and the Hope for the Weary Mom 40 Day Devotional. She’s also creator of the Fight Like a BoyMom Program, and a mother of two boys who believes God has chosen her to fight for the hearts of her sons. Her newest book, Gospel Centered Mom, is available now anywhere books are sold. Brooke can be found most often with her nose in a book, or cheering like a mad woman as her baseball boys take the field.

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